About Me

Photo of Arkanath Pathak Hi, visitor! My name is Arkanath, I also go by Arka or Ark.

I work in the field of Machine Learning. I'm currently with a team at Google Research that studies information integrity and manipulated/synthetic media. My work here is focused on developing techniques for finding image context, and researching generative models. You can see my publications and my blog if you'd like to know more about my experience in the field.

I live in New York City. Previously I've lived in San Francisco and Sydney. I was raised in Noida and attended IIT Kharagpur for my undergraduate study.

I love music, I love playing and listening to music. I also enjoy live music and going to concerts. You can find my favorites and covers on the Music page.

I'm a hobbyist photographer. You can look at my work on the Photography page.

I like playing games like tennis, pool/snooker, table tennis and board/card/video games. I like movies, click here to see a list of my favorite movies/TV shows. I also love gadgets and being in touch with the latest developments in technology.

You can reach me by email at pathak.arkanath@gmail.com. I'm also fairly active on Instagram.

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