October 2015

Presently in a stalled development stage, I built on the awesome idea of having a tool which creates artificial assistants for its users. The motivation behind the bot can be found in the blog post here.The webpage for the tool can be found at


December 2015

A simple Mac application for fresh new wallpapers, used over a million times.


December 2015

A web app for listening to songs via YouTube by giving a seed song. Gains on Spotify and public APIs.

My Favorite Songs

A list of my favorite songs.

My Favorite Movies/TV

A list of my favorite movies or TV shows.

Trends Of Code

My computer science blog.


December 2015

Messenger bot for personalized song recommendations.


December 2014

Open source php-MySQL based note-taking and journaling application.


November 2014

Online take on the famous game.

AutoLyrica for iTunes

November 2014

A lyric app for Mac that I don’t use anymore.

NowPlaying for iTunes

September 2014

An album art app for iTunes that I don’t use anymore.


December 2014

Some weird AIish chrome extension I developed.